Work Culture

Priyanshu Logistics has adopted a non – hierarchical structure where encouragement and support is extended to all employees across levels who suggest and champion initiatives intended for the betterment of the organization. Guided by its Core Values in principle and practice, Priyanshu Logistics believes in doing things right from the start

Priyanshu Logistics has adopted a productivity-related, objective and contemporary Performance Management System, which suitably recognizes and rewards employees in accordance with their performance and contribution to the organization’s growth. Priyanshu Logistics ensures a judicious, systematic and transparent process. This is in keeping with the long term objective of the organisation.

Employee Engagement activities

Employee Engagement is an integral aspect of the Culture at Priyanshu Logistics. These activities have further strengthened the bond between employees and the organization. This has led to increased productivity at the workplace and improved customer service levels. These in turn translate into Customer Delight and increased Shareholder Wealth.

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